• Technology is Engaging for Kids!     Let's face it - children love technology!  New research indicates that children attend better through multimedia online formats.  As a result, teletherapy enables them to make progress toward their therapeutic goals in a way that is highly engaging and comfortable for them!
  • Comfort     Children might be more willing to open up when they can talk to a therapist from the comfort of their own home or school, rather than in an unfamiliar office.
  • Convenient    Since teletherapy can be done from anywhere with a stable internet connection, you can receive therapy for your child when it is most convenient for you.  This could possibly mean having your child do their session while they're in school or from home while not having to wait in an office setting.  No one wants to wait hours in an office, especially parents with busy schedules!  Also, as kids wait, they can easily become nervous and refuse to participate.  With teletherapy, you don't have to worry about any of those inconveniences, as your child's therapy sessions are always just a click away; in a setting where they will feel most comfortable!
  • Effective    Research has shown that the quality of teletherapy is on par with face-to-face therapy.
  • Consistency and Regularity    Attending teletherapy sessions have much fewer obstacles than face-to-face therapy.  Having to attend therapy sessions after school or in the evenings can be time-consuming.  Furthermore, obstacles like illness, traffic, extreme weather conditions, and vehicle trouble can result in the cancellation of therapy sessions.  Teletherapy eliminates all of those obstacles and improves regularity and consistency.
  • Better Access to Therapy    Families living in rural areas or areas that may be deemed as "unsafe" may not have access to necessary mental health services.  Teletherapy has been proven as a solution to these issues.
  • Cost-Effective    When a child receives mental health services through the use of teletherapy, parents save time and money on expenses.  They aren't driving to and from clinics (sometimes multiple times per week) as they would with in-person therapy.
  • Parent/Caregiver Involvement   Parent involvement within therapy sessions can have a beneficial impact on the parent-child relationship.  This not only results in happier children but also empowered parents.  Being able to move seamlessly in and out of a session with your child from the comfort of your own home rather than sitting in a waiting room is a game-changer for parents/caregivers!

Benefits of Teletherapy

Important Note Regarding Teletherapy

Depending on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for mental health services to be covered in full or in part.  Please contact your provider to verify how your plan covers you (and your child) for teletherapy services.

Children are growing up in an electronic age and this kind of therapy is quite natural and fun for them!  Computer-based learning and game-based activities online are less intimidating to a child and lead to a comfortable interaction with their therapist.  Therapy becomes fun and enjoyable rather than feeling like a "chore"!

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