Counseling Services

How Does Teletherapy Work at Children in Balance?

All sessions will be conducted virtually!

This means that your child will sign-on through a computer, tablet, or smartphone for their session. Your child will be able to see their therapist face to face through a HIPAA compliant and secure video session.

What will my child's therapy session look like?

Therapy sessions can be structured through a combination of 3 different styles:
Individual - sessions involve only the child and the therapist
Parent-child - the therapist works with the child and parent(s) together
Family-based - sessions can involve parents, siblings, or others who are close to the child. If these sessions are needed, they can occur in the evenings so that everyone can be present for the session.

When can my child be scheduled to be seen?

Your child's session will be scheduled just like any other doctor, dentist, or medical appointment. They would be picked up from school and taken to a place where they could sign on for their session. The greatest benefit to virtual counseling is that it can be done from anywhere! You can choose to take them home to sign on from the comfort of their own home or if it's more convenient for you, they could sign on right from the car! Once they are done with their session, they could return back to school. 

Will my child get in trouble if they miss school for an appointment?

Your child attending a therapy session is just like them needing to go to a doctor's appointment. If your child needs to miss any time from school for their therapy session, a note will be given for them to turn in for attendance purposes.

Important Additional Information​​ for Pennsylvania Students
After their first initial appointment, your therapist (along with your help) will work with your child's school to see if their sessions can be done during the school day without them needing to leave the school building. Ultimately, this would mean that your child could sign on for their session in a private setting and during a time where they wouldn't miss any of their core academic classes.

Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled on an intermittent basis if/when your therapist is available.