Counseling Services

WHY Teletherapy?

When the pandemic occurred, all of our lives were turned upside down and we were all forced to learn how to adapt and change. We were forced to slow down and to re-evaluate. We were forced to shift our way of thinking about how everyday tasks could be done and done safely - and I was no exception. I had to re-evaluate my own life both personally and professionally and that led me to realize that not only could I continue to work with children in a way that met their needs but also in a way that kept everyone safe.

Telehealth has opened my eyes to the ways in which technology can serve the needs of children from where they are most comfortable and when it best fits into their schedules! I realized that I could "bridge the gap" between kids needing therapy and not being able to receive it. Some children may not have a way of getting to a therapy appointment in the evening or they might not feel comfortable with the idea of going to sit in an office somewhere with someone that they don't know. In thinking about this, I realized that I could reach and serve many more children by delivering services virtually and removing some of the barriers that oftentimes prevent them from getting the mental health treatment that they may need.

Also, as we all adjusted to our "new normal", I heard from many parents/caregivers who felt like they could finally take a breath and found themselves able to enjoy the "slowness" that came along with not having to rush to sports practices, after-school activities, and yes, even doctor's appointments in the evenings! Hearing this also opened up my eyes to what this kind of therapy service could mean for them by being able to have their child get their therapy sessions done during the day and then not having to worry about adding "one more thing" to their already busy schedules in the evenings. 

Children In Balance has been designed to not only provide top-notch therapy services but also to be able to work into everyone's busy schedules. Let's work together to help your child feel and be their best! I think you (and most importantly your child) will be surprised by how quickly they'll not only feel comfortable with this type of therapy but also how much they will enjoy and look forward to it!
Stephanie Brookie, MSCP, LPC, NCC, CSC