She is very passionate about working with children and their families/support systems; she strongly believes that all children are worthy of love and respect and that they all have the ability to achieve and to be happy! As a former School Counselor, Stephanie understands the importance of working with the "whole child" across all environments including both home and school. 

"In order for positive change to happen, we need to work together to support your child in achieving happiness, success, balance, and peace. If your child's issues are stemming from the school setting, I vow to work closely with their teachers, support staff, and administrators to make sure that everyone is working together as a team to create a therapeutic plan that we all feel comfortable with - including your child!"

Stephanie's therapeutic approach is centered around a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model which helps children to understand how their thoughts and emotions affect their behaviors. Therapy sessions may consist of just talk therapy while others may involve fun but therapeutic activities. Her goal is to help your child to learn how to replace their negative thought patterns with more productive ones which will then, in turn, change their behaviors. She believes that teaching your child how to discover new ways of thinking will help them to learn how to respond differently to life stressors and ultimately improve their overall well-being! 

Stephanie understands that counseling can seem "scary" for children/adolescents at first but prides herself on making sessions fun and relaxed.  She wants therapy to be a safe place where kids can feel comfortable to just be themselves!

"I truly love what I do and I see it as an honor to witness the change and growth that can happen for children (and their families) as they move through therapy. With that being said, I hope to become a person that your child trusts and looks forward to spending time with."

Fun Fact - Stephanie lived in Germany for a month as an exchange student when she was in high school.  Also, I got married in Mexico!  My greatest joy in life is spending time with my son. Other activities that I enjoy include being active, traveling, dining out at new restaurants that I've never been to, listening to and reading personal development podcasts and books, and helping others!

Stephanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and a Certified School Counselor for children in grades K-12.  She holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Developmental Psychology.

Prior to working at Children in Balance, she was a School Counselor for 12 years in a public-school setting and also spent two years prior to that working as a School Counselor at a cyber-school. Stephanie did mental health counseling in a private practice setting and worked at the post-secondary level as an Academic Advisor at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Stephanie Brookie, MSCP, LPC, NCC, CSC

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